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Shajar Al-Durr or Esmat Al-Din Umm Khalil
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About Shajar Al-Durr or Esmat Al-Din Umm Khalil




Queen Shajar Al-Durr was a Turk but it also was said that she was an Armenian. She was bought by Sultan Al-Salih Najm Al-Din Ayyub. She gave birth to a son by him called Khalil but he died during the life of his father. When Sultan Al-Salih was killed, Queen Shajar Al-Durr called for his son, Al-Muazzam Turanshah, to take control. Sultan Turanshah, however, was also killed.

The Mamluks and elite people supported her. Thus, the throne was given to Queen Shajar Al-Durr, who ruled for 80 days. She married the Commander of the Armies, Al-Muizz Aybak Al-Turkomany, in 648 after Hijra (AD 1250), and gave him the throne.

However, their relationship soured and she plotted to kill him. Sultan Aybak's Mamluks discovered the plot. Queen Shajar Al-Durr was beaten to death with clogs.

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