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The Eternal Egypt Kiosk

"Egypt Everywhere," the idea that the major themes that run through the course of Egyptian history can appeal to the sensibilities and interests of a global audience is made a reality with the placement of Eternal Egypt Kiosks in museums and cultural organizations around the world. The Kiosk builds upon the virtual environments available on the website to provide the most immersive visitor experience possible. To use the kiosk is to dig through thousands of years of history by exploring fully-navigable virtual recreations of three major sites in Egypt: the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of the Giza Plateau, Luxor Temple in Upper Egypt, and the Tomb of King Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings. Visitors are offered a vivid, first-person experience with a full range of motion and field of view inside the environments.

The Kiosk allows self-directed exploration as well as tours of the major artifacts and places. For example, the tomb of Tutankhamun can be entered exactly as Howard Carter first discovered it in 1922. All the Tutankhamun artifacts which now reside in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo have been carefully replaced for an authentic, contextual experience of their arrangement as intended upon the boy king's interment. Likewise, the Great Pyramids and Sphinx are presented as they originally appeared and can be viewed from many vantages within the vast Giza Plateau. Lastly, the still-sacred Luxor Temple permits discovery of the vivid colonnades, imposing statues, and stately obelisks.

The rich information available on the Eternal Egypt website and Digital Guides enhances the Kiosk experience as well. As visitors explore the environments, dynamically-available information and 3-Dimensional Views give context for nearly all artifacts and places encountered. In addition, visitors can create and send electronic postcards of virtual photographs they take during their exploration. The Kiosk experience is available in 10 languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and Arabic - and will be available at museums around the world.

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