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The Southwestern Wall of the Court
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About The Southwestern Wall of the Court




The walls of the Great Court of Ramesses the Second were decorated during the reign of Ramesses the Second with religious and ritual scenes showing conquered nations. The southwestern wall, behind the colossal right-hand seated statue, has an important scene in relief showing the pylon, or temple gateway, being approached by princes and high officials bringing ornamented bulls for sacrifice. Four standing colossi, or enormous statues, are shown in addition to the two huge seated statues of the king in front of the pylon.

In this relief, enemies from the south and the north, portrayed with ethnic features, emerge from the horns of the bulls.

It is worth mentioning that an earlier plan for the same pylon was shown on the rear face of the east tower which only showed the two seated statues and not the standing ones. This could imply a change in the plan of the pylon over a three years period.

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