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Funerary Papyrus of Te-net-wesret-en-per-nesu
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About Funerary Papyrus of Te-net-wesret-en-per-nesu




This is one of the scenes that appears on the funerary papyri of this period. These scenes nearly always allude either to a major religious text or to a specific, sometimes obscure, aspect of the soul's fate in the Afterlife.

The second scene from the right, for example, shows the hieroglyph for 'west' raising a pair of human hands and drawing the sun disk into the Underworld, the entrance to which was located beyond the Western Mountains.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that just as the sun 'died' each evening only to be born again the next day at dawn, so too would a worthy spirit experience its own glorious rebirth into eternal life after death.

This papyrus was made for the Singer of Amun, Te-net-wesret-en-per-nesu, who appears in scenes at both ends of the piece. At the far right the goddess Isis leads her into the throne room of Osiris, Lord of the Dead.

Dimensions:  Length 121.5 cm

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