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Prince Mohammad Ali Tawfik(Muhammad A'lί Taūfίq)
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About Prince Mohammad Ali Tawfik(Muhammad A'lί Taūfίq)




Prince Mohammad Ali Tawfik was a member of the royal family that was established by Mohammad Ali the Great. He was a cousin, on the paternal side, of King Faruq, the last king of the Alawi family to rule Egypt.

The prince was born in Cairo in 1875 and died in 1954. He was the crown prince before King Fuad's son, Faruq, was born. When King Fuad died, King Faruq had not yet attained the legal age at which he could ascend the throne, so Prince Mohammad Ali became regent.

The Royal Family obtained a fatwa (ruling) from the Sheikh al Azhar that counted the age of King Faruq in Hejira years, which are shorter than Gregorian years, and thus they were able to shorten the period of the regency of Prince Mohammad Ali and accelerate the legalizing of King Faruq's ascension to the throne. In this way they avoided the chance that Prince Mohammad Ali might seize the throne.

The prince built himself a palace, in which he constructed a pavilion that he named "The Throne Hall" probably in anticipation of an opportunity to become king. He then put in his will his wish that the palace would be transformed into a museum after his death, in order to memorialize his name. This wish was carried out.

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