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Double Statue of a Man and Wife
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About Double Statue of a Man and Wife




This double statue probably depicts Meres-ankh and his wife, as it was found in his mastaba (tomb) at Giza. The man wears a curled wig, and has a fine mustache. He is wearing a short kilt with an overlap and a wide collar of polychrome faience; he holds staffs in his hands. The lady's arm is round the shoulder of her husband. She is dressed in a long, tight, white dress with shoulder straps, a black wig parted in the middle, and a wide beaded collar. The round faces of the statues show both persons to be full of life and reveal their good nature.

The skin tones are in accordance with ancient Egyptian artistic convention that decrees light brownish for men, who were usually active outdoors, and yellowish cream for women as they were mostly indoors. The statues still retain their vivid colors.

Dimensions:  Width 28 cm  Height 49.5 cm

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