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Al-Aqmar Mosque
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About Al-Aqmar Mosque




The Al-Aqmar Mosque is built on a rectangular plan with irregular sides on the outside. The interior borders, however, are regular.

It forms an open roof court surrounded by four aisles. The largest aisle is that of the prayer direction. Small domes cover all four aisles.

The main entrance of the mosque is centered in the northern facade. The latter is divided into three sections, where a part of the entrance protrudes from the wall in the middle.

The mosque is considered to be one of the hanging mosques because it was built on top of a shopping area. It is the first mosque facade that contained marvelous geometric decorations. The facade is built parallel to the street and not parallel to the nave. Therefore, we find that the mosque deviates in relation to the facade.

The entrance has a dovetailed arch, topped by a fan forming a Persian arch with a circle in its middle.

Dimensions:  Length 70 m  Width 30 m

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