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Pitcher of Marawan Ibn Mohammad(Marawān Ibn Muhammad )
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About Pitcher of Marawan Ibn Mohammad(Marawān Ibn Muhammad )




The ewer, or pitcher, of Marawan Ibn Mohammad (Marawān Ibn Muhammad)is made out of bronze; it has the form of an inflated globular shaft with a base at its lower part.

The body is decorated with several animals in different positions. Some are standing alone surrounded by floral ornaments and some others are confronted or circulating around each other.

All these ornaments are designed under an arcade in crescent form supported on columns. At the top of the shaft there is a cylindrical neck, which ends with a pierced opening.

The ewer has a luxurious grip and a beautiful spout in the shape of a rooster.

The artist skillfully expressed the crowing rooster ruffling its feathers, raising its tail, and stretching its neck. The ornamental style with which the shaft was designed and the rooster, its feathers, and the rest of its limbs, shows an intensity of expression, mobility, vitality, and movement.

The ewer has a splendid form and a beautiful and harmonious dimension among its different parts.

Dimensions:  Height 41 cm  Diameter 28 cm

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