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Development of Coptic Literature




A chronic, often extreme enlargement and hardening of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, especially of the legs, resulting from lymphatic obstruction.

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Saint Minas
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Saint Minas was a Christian Roman soldier who fell in battle in Asia Minor. His companions bore his body from the battlefield carrying it on one camel and his belongings on another. For this reason, there are usually two camels portrayed lying down, one on each side of the saint.

The two camels kept walking until they stopped west of Alexandria at Lake Maryut. There the saint's body remained.

Soon thereafter, his blessings began to be noted in the area. Sick sheep were healed after drinking from the well by his tomb. Word of such miracles spread rapidly.

At that time, Emperor Xeno's daughter had elephantiasis and her doctors advised her to drink from the saint's water well. After she was healed, the emperor dignified the saint by building a monastery and a church in his honor. They became a place of pilgrimage for people who came to get the healing water that was sold in special containers, known as Saint Minas' flasks.

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Abu Mina


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295 AD
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Marble Panel of Saint Minas
Marble Panel of Saint Minas

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