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Egyptian Jewelry
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a charm worn by the living or placed on a mummy to ward off evil spirits or bring good luck


large piece of jewelry, usually in the form of a trapezoid, worn on the chest


an ornament or piece of jewelry attached to a necklace or bracelet

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Tanis Treasure
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The huge site of Tanis in the Eastern Delta was the residence of the kings of the Twenty-first and Twenty-second Dynasties.

The palaces, temples, tombs, and shrines that were built by the kings of these dynasties were filled with many monuments that were moved to Tanis from other sites such as Bubastis and Pi-Ramesse.

Pierre Montet began his excavations at Tanis in AD 1939. He discovered gigantic statues, columns, temples, and the royal and private tombs of the Twenty-first and Twenty-second Dynasties.

In AD 1940, he was forced to stop his work when the Second World War threatened France and other parts of Europe. Three royal burials and two burials of high officials were discovered at Tanis.

To the world's surprise, a great quantity of gold and silver artifacts was also found. This discovery included golden masks, silver coffins, wooden sarcophagi covered with gold sheet, gold tableware, many bracelets, necklaces, pendants, amulets, and pectorals, which are large pieces of jewelry worn on the chest, as well as accessories.

The art of making metal statues, vases and jars, finger sheaths, sandals, and jewelry had reached a high point.

In the Royal Necropolis at Tanis, three royal tombs were found, namely: Psusennes the First and Amenemope from the Twenty-first Dynasty and Sheshonq the First from the Twenty-second Dynasty. Moreover, two tombs of high officials, Undjebaundjed and Horemakhet, were also found in this royal necropolis. Dampness had destroyed all wood and linen.

These artifacts were found in the tomb of Psusennes the First: three collars, six inlaid pectorals, 22 bracelets, four leglets and anklets, two finger-rings, and many amulets.

The artifacts of Sheshonq the First include: toe sheaths, sandals, a pectoral with a heart scarab, amulets, and an inlaid vulture pendant.

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