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Personal Appearance and Clothing
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Beauty and Cosmetics




a crown worn as a sign of royalty


a colorful substance used to mold or decorate small figures or amulets


cosmetic preparation used to darken eyelashes and eyelids


large piece of jewelry, usually in the form of a trapezoid, worn on the chest


an ornament or piece of jewelry attached to a necklace or bracelet


slab of stone or wood, with figures and text, carvings, or paintings, which was used in numerous ways such as a funerary monument

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Ancient Egyptian Women and Beauty
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Ancient Egyptian women from rich families enjoyed a good life with their husbands and families.

They were shown elegantly dressed in long, pleated close-fitting dresses with one or two shoulder straps. Depictions of these garments are found in the statue of the offering bearer and the stela of Amenemhat and family, the stela of Neith, Ptah and family, and others. A stela is an upright stone with a sculpted surface.

Ancient Egyptian women wore many kinds of jewelry made of faience beads, gold, and semiprecious stones.

They also wore diadems, belts, bracelets, pendants, and pectorals, a large piece of jewelry worn on the chest. Cosmetics were applied to the face to enhance their beauty.

They kept fine eyebrows, applied kohl to the eyelashes, and painted the cheeks, chins, and lips with red pigments. They also painted their nails and toenails.

Women at banquets wore the most elegant dresses and put cones of perfumed ointments on their heads.

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Statue of a Woman Carrying Offerings
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