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Languages and Scripts in Egypt
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Demotic Script
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Demotic was the most abbreviated and cursive script that was developed by the ancient Egyptians. Demotic became the script for everyday use from the middle of the eighth century BC until the middle of the fourth century AD.

The term "demotic" comes from the Greek word for people, or popular. Demotic apparently developed in Lower Egypt during the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty. The oldest demotic document, which dates to the twenty-first year of the reign of Psammetik the First (about 643 BC), comes from Faiyum.

Demotic basically developed from hieratic, and like hieratic, was always written from right to left. Most demotic texts were written in ink using a reed brush on papyrus or ostraca, which are shards of pottery.

In addition to these materials, demotic was also written on wood or linen or carved in stone or metal. It was used for religious and magical texts, scribal training texts, letters, and legal and business documents.

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