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Languages and Scripts in Egypt
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Demotic Script




washing or cleansing of the body as part of a religious rite.


Arabic for "son of"


the name of a religion that is centered on the Qur'an, the word of God as passed through the Prophet Muhammad


Arabic script used extensively in early Islamic times which has specific proportional measurements, along with pronounced angularity and squareness; the name comes from the Iraqi city of Kufa.


a theological school, usually for Sunni, for teaching Islamic theology and religious law


Muslim place of worship

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Islamic Scripts
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Arabic writing played an important role in Islamic civilization. Arabic writing is derived from Nabatean writing and took its forms from it.

However, Arabic then split into different styles of writing, the rigid and angled shapes of Kufic writing and the flexible coiled shapes of Naskh inscription.

Kufic writing styles became the norm within a short period of time and remained fixed through the first five centuries of immigration in recording the Qur'an and on gravestones. Kufic was also used for decorative inscriptions on stamps, glass measures, wooden coffin boxes, and textiles.

Many Islamic buildings built in that period were decorated with a Kufic inscription. Naskh script was used in regular writing regarding ordinary matters and in transcribing books until it reached a level of perfection, which qualified it to become the official script.

Naskh was then used to record the Qur'an and in monumental inscriptions on buildings such as the Mosque of Sultan Qala'un, the Madrassa of Sultan Hassan and the ablution that Sultan Lajin built in the Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun. Naskh inscription was also used on artistic objects like glass, textiles, and pottery.

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Al-Azhar Mosque
Al-Azhar Mosque

Mosque of Al-Salih Tala'ie Ibn Ruzzik
Mosque of Al-Salih Tala'ie Ibn Ruzzik

Early Tombstone
Early Tombstone

Tombstone for Ammatallah
Tombstone for Ammatallah

Mosque Lamp of Sultan Abi Said Bin Barquq(Ābί Said Bin Barqūq)
Mosque Lamp of Sultan Abi Said Bin Barquq(Ābί Said Bin Barqūq)

Base of a Bowl Decorated with Fish
Base of a Bowl Decorated with Fish

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