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The Antechamber of Tutankhamun


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Weapons from the Tomb of Tutankhamun
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The wealth of artifacts found in the tomb of tutankhamun increased our knowledge of Egyptian weaponry, which was used for both war and ceremonies.

These artifacts consist of swords, axes, scimitars, single and double bows, slings, arrows, spears, sticks, shields, chariots, maces, knives, daggers, and trumpets.

Tutankhamun is depicted in battle in miniature panoramic scenes painted upon a wooden chest found in the tomb.

Before the New Kingdom, weapons were limited to a few types and forms. They consisted of sticks, knives, daggers, axes, single bows, arrows, and spears. These were made of wood, copper, and flint.

However, after the Hyksos invasion and the many war campaigns of tuthmosis the Third, several advances in making weapons were introduced. For example, blades and grips made from hard iron and bronze were substituted for copper. The double bow, horse-drawn chariot, and other items were adopted from west Asiatic regions.

These weapons helped to change the balance of power in the ancient Near East in favor of Egypt.

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