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Bibliotheca Alexandrina Museum
About Bibliotheca Alexandrina Museum




The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Museum houses outstanding sculptures from various periods: Pharonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic. These statues showcase the brilliance of Egyptian artists throughout history.

Exhibiting the statues was an ingenious idea because it will give visitors to the library a sense of the past. The museum now houses 1079 objects that tell the story of Egypt from the predynastic through the Islamic periods. Papyri represent Greek and Latin literature and a number of sculptures and portrait heads depict the ancient philosophers and writers.

Numerous items associated with trade and pottery pieces illuminate the daily lives of the people. Objects from recent underwater explorations in the city's ancient ports are also included in the new Alexandria Library Museum.

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From this museum:
Statue of Khonsu
Wooden Boat with the Bow in the Shape of an Animal's Head
Part of a Wall of a Tomb
Statuette of Ptah Standing
Statue of Imhotep on Openwork Seat
Rectangular Offering Table
Fragment of a Stela with Seven Columns of Hieroglyphs
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