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It is a name for Egyptians of the Christian faith and their Church. It is also the name for the last form of the ancient Egyptian language, which was written with mostly Greek letters. The Coptic language survives only as a liturgical language of the Coptic Orthodox Church.


the name of a religion that is centered on the Qur'an, the word of God as passed through the Prophet Muhammad

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Museum of Archeology in Tanta

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The Governorate of Al Gharbiya is known for its ancient history; for it was here that a number of ancient Egyptian capitals were established. This governorate had an important role in the history of Egypt throughout the different ages, due to its strategic location in the middle of the Delta. No wonder that the Egyptian Government, represented by the Ministry of Recognition (now the Ministry of Education), and the local council of Tanta city chose the year 1913 AD for the establishment of a Museum of Archeology in this city.

The municipality building was chosen to be the location of the museum. However, very soon the museum was shut down and its content were put in storage. It reopened in 1935, and was closed for a second time. In 1980, the Egyptian Antiquities Organization, now (the Supreme Council of Antiquities), prepared the present museum. It was opened to the public on 29 October 1990 AD.

The museum is on five floors; antiquities are exhibited on the first four floors, while the fifth floor contains the administration department, storage facilities, and a conference room.

At the main entrance to the Museum, there is a souvenir shop. Within the Museum there are artistic and architectural pieces that represent Egypt's civilization from the time of ancient Egypt, through the Greco-Roman, and Coptic and finally the Islamic periods. The museum cannot be considered as just a local museum, because it also contains important pieces from places outside the Governorate of Gharbiya.

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