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Islamic Ceramic Museum

The Museum of Islamic Ceramics in Zamalek occupies the ground and first floors in the palace of Prince Amr Ibrahim, which combines all prevailing styles of the Mohammad Ali Dynasty in its architectural and decorative style. These styles were influenced by the classical European style on the one hand and the Moroccan, Turkish, and Andalusian styles, in captivating harmony, on the other.

The Museum is comprised of a group of grand halls with the main one in the middle. This main hall has a central fountain and is covered with a splendid dome rising above ridges at the corners. The hall contains a great variety of plaster-framed stained glass works.

The Palace is generally used as the Al-Gezira Art Center and the Museum houses a great collection of ceramics from the different Islamic periods. The most important of these is the collection of 74 pieces exhibited in the Fatimid Hall, with the exception of a single piece from the Abbasid period. Equally important are the halls containing the Turkish collection of 96 objects and the Egyptian collection of 39 Umayyad, Ayyubid, Mamluk, and Ottoman pieces.

The gallery contains the Syrian collection, while the Persian Collection Hall is situated on the upper floor. It contains Persian ceramics, as well as two recesses containing two Andalusian pieces, two Tunisian tiles, and two Iraqi bowls.

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