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Culture: Coptic
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Abraham was born in Ur of the Chaldees. Abraham married Sarah. He migrated to the Land of Canaan. When a famine took place, Abraham moved to Egypt. Ismail and Isaac were two of his sons.

Alb Sleeve of Satin


This sleeve is made of satin and adorned with pictures of two saints. It is usually worn over the alb to cover the priest's arms during the Mass.

Almond-Shaped Lamp with Bird


On this almond-shaped lamp, a bird's body is stretched horizontally over the body of the lamp.

Almond-Shaped Lamp with Cock


This almond-shaped lamp is decorated with a centrally placed cock in an upright posture. It has two openings for oil.

Apse from Baweit

Architectural Element

The apse from Baweit is what is called an "Eastern Niche." It is decorated with a depiction of the Lord Jesus Christ on a throne on the upper part, and the lower part shows the Virgin Mary carrying Christ, surrounded by the Twelve Apostles.

Apse with Christ and Three-Sided Cross

Niche or Mihrab

This niche portrays the Lord Jesus Christ with a halo of light over his head. The halo is distinguished by having a cross of three sides inside it.

Apse with Portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ

Architectural Element

This niche has a portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ with the halo of glory around his head.

Apse, or Father's Bosom, with Holy Virgin

Niche or Mihrab

This niche is called "the Father's Bosom." It is decorated with a wall panel with a portrait of the Holy Virgin.

Base of a Statue Commemorating Purification of Alexandria Canal


The base of a statue bears a Greek text of six lines and has a cross inside a laurel crown, the symbol of the Byzantine Empire. It commemorates the purification of the Alexandria Canal.

Big Jar Decorated with Birds and Humans


This jar, or zeir, made of pottery is decorated with many ornaments, including birds on the upper part and humans on the lower part.

Big Jar Decorated with Fish, Crosses, and Plants


The zeir, or big jar, is decorated with Coptic symbols including fish, crosses, and plants. The neck of the jar is adorned with a Nile fish and the lower area is divided into scenes separated by columns.

Big Jar for Storing Wine


This clay jar was used for storing wine. It is decorated with a vine and clusters of grapes and embellished with two human faces.

Big Jar with Christian Symbols


This large jar has drawings of people, a peacock or eagle, flowers, and some ornamental shapes on the upper part only.

Big Jar with Four Animals


The jar is divided into segments. The segments contain four symbols that are probably intended to represent the four animals of the Book of Revelations.

Big Plate with Fish and Leaf


The large plate is decorated with black drawings of fish and leaves. The broad rim is indented on the inside and raised on the outside. The base is circular with a rim that flares out.

Bird-Shaped Child's Toy

Games and Toys

The child's toy in the shape of a bird has a hole in the head in which a rope is placed for pulling the toy and for playing with it.

Bone Engraved with Image of a Woman

High Relief

The rectangular piece of bone is skillfully engraved with the drawing of a woman wearing loose clothing with her right leg exposed. Parts of the bone were broken and lost, including the part with her facial features.

Bone Engraved with Jesus Christ

High Relief

A picture of the Lord Jesus Christ is carved on this almost square piece of ivory.

Bone Engraved with Jesus and Prophets on the Mountain

High Relief

The piece of bone has a drawing depicting the Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus Christ with the Prophets Moses and Elijah on the mountaintop.

Bone Engraved with Man Having Greek Features

High Relief

A man having Greek features, wearing short garments, and holding a basket in his hand is engraved on this piece of bone.



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