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Aegis with Apis Head


The head of a bull, symbolizing Apis, is on the top of this aegis, or shield. Apis wears the horned sun disk crown decorated with the cobra and surmounted by two feathers.

Ashrafi Dinar


This gold coin with the name of Sultan Ashraf Barsbay was minted in Cairo in AH 829 (AD 1425).

Ashrafi Dinar with Simple Calligraphy


The gold dinar, minted in Cairo in the name of Sultan Ashraf Barsbay, has a phrase engraved with naskh calligraphy.

Basin Associated with a Jug


Bronze basin associated with a bronze jug, from the tomb of Kha.

Basin of Qaitbay

Implements And Utensils

This basin of Qaitbay has many straight sides with a flat bottom and a rather wide rim.

Bell with The Dwarf God Bes


The bell is a calotte shape and is richly decorated. The handle is decorated with two representations of the dwarf god Bes and the sides are decorated with four different motifs. It was found without its tongue and its suspension ring.

Billon Coin of Serapis and Nero


The billon coin, an alloy of bronze and silver, is dated to the first year of the reign of Nero. On the obverse, the portrait of Nero looks to the right and he wears the radiant crown. On the reverse, the portrait of Serapis looks to the right.

Bottle for Storing Drinks


The bottle looks like an inverted cup. This type of bottle was used for storing drinks or as a vase.

Box of Toghai Tomor Al-Sayfi


This cylindrical box is decorated with Naskh calligraphy. The cover, which has sloping sides, is attached to the box by a hinge and may be tightly closed by means of a long lock. The border of the cover includes a line of animals chasing each other.

Bracelet of Plain and Striped Rings of Psusennes


This bracelet consists of two parts. The first part includes seven tubes that are connected by a hinge. The second part is a clasp using a pin that goes through the tube.

Bracelet of Queen Ahhotep


The bracelet is composed of 30 rows of beads of gold and semiprecious stones. They alternate with each other to form triangles and squares.

Bracelet of Tutankhamun with Beads and Scarabs


This masterpiece of a bracelet was found in the beautiful cartouche-shaped chest of King Tutankhamun with other fine pieces of jewelry. The main element in the design is the amethyst scarab with details, as is common with scarabs of this hard stone. The strap of the bracelet consists of four strings of beads of gold, carnelian, lapis lazuli and jasper in the form of tiny eyes of Horus and scarabs.

Brass Candle Stand


A brass candle stand with a bell shaped base on which there is a band of inscription saying, "Mortmain of Sheikh Ahmad el-Bagam at the abode of Sidi Radwan in the city of Ibiar." It is noticeable that this candle stand is devoid of any decoration except the band of inscription on the base.

Brass Dish with Row of Fish on Base


The brass dish is decorated with ornate floral and geometric designs, blazons and a row of fish on the base.

Brass Ewer


This brass ewer, or pitcher, with silver inlay is decorated with flying ducks, fantastical creatures, and inscription bands.

Brass Lamp Decorated with Inscriptions


The brass lamp is decorated with various inscriptions, including the Prophet "Mohammed" name and "Al-Korsi" Verse from the Qur'an, inscriptions praising God, and inscriptions invoking a blessing.

Brass Plate with a Blazon of a Pen Case


A brass plate that was probably made for someone who occupied the post of Dawadar, as is indicated by the blazon of a pen case. This official was in charge of the incoming and outgoing correspondence of the Sultan.

Brazier in Five Pieces


A brazier made in five pieces, it has a lobed, alternately concave and convex body, while on the rim there are wavy embossed designs. In the hollow part of the body there is a container for the burning coals. The container has two handles. The container, which is decorated with oval medallions, has a lid with two handles and a metal chain.

Bronze Censer with a Character Inspired by Menander's Play


A bronze censer formed of two parts with a square base that is supported on four tripods. A hexagonal body is set on the base; the lid is in the form of a seated person with comic features. The person is a character from a play written by the Greek poet Menandar. The open mouth allows the incense fumes to emerge.

Bronze Frying Pan with a Decorated Handle

Domestic Utensils

A frying pan with a decorated handle to be held over the fire. The pan is somewhat conical in shape and can be considered to have been used for domestic purposes.



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