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Materials: Silver
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Al-Mansur Mohammad's Pen Case

Implements And Utensils

The rectangular copper inkwell is decorated with scriptures in both Kufic and Naskh calligraphy, (ornamental styles of writing). The inkwell is also decorated with plant, birds and animal ornamentation.

Box for Unguents of King Tutankhamun

Cosmetic and Medical Equipment

This double-sided unguents container of gold-plated wood is inlaid with colored glass paste. Each side is composed of two inward-facing cartouches of the king.

Brass Ewer


This brass ewer, or pitcher, with silver inlay is decorated with flying ducks, fantastical creatures, and inscription bands.

Byzantine Earring with Red Bead


The single earring consists of a ring of thin silver wire of unequal thickness. It is decorated with a hollowed bead, which is dark red in color and is connected directly to the ring.

Candlestick with Musicians


The tapered candlestick has an overhanging rim. The neck is decorated with medallions and plant-like and geometric designs. On the candlestick's neck is a Kufic inscription bearing the name of the maker.

Carrying Chest Surmounted by Anubis

Box / Chest / Casket

This carrying chest is surmounted by the Anubis, a jackal-headed god made of wood, varnished black, and wrapped in linen. The details of the animal are gilded except for the claws, which are made of silver.

Coffee Jug with Persian Human Figures

Domestic Utensils

A jug for making coffee has an onion shaped lid and a handle that extends from the edge of the jug almost to the base. The body is pear shaped; the upper part is cylindrical and is decorated with palmettos. The lower portion is ornamented with Gamas inscribed with Arabic script that says, "God bestow me with more knowledge." There are also scenes of human figures.

Coffin of Yuya with Silver Lid

Coffin / Sarcophagus of Humans

This coffin is made of wood, silver, gold, and bitumen, a type of cement. Its lid is covered with silver leaf, while the text and the figures of gods are gilded.

Coffins of King Sheshonq the Second

Canopic Coffinette

These coffins were made for the internal organs of Sheshonq the Second as a substitute for the traditional canopic jars. They are miniature sarcophagi in the shape of the mummified king.

Collar of Mesehti

Pectoral or Collar

The collar from the collection of Mesehti, Mayor of Asiut, consists of large round beads. The beads have been restrung with modern wire to preserve the original form of the collar.

Collection of Islamic Silver Coins


The currency system in Egypt was based upon three coins: the gold dinar, the silver dirham and the copper fils. The gold dinars were the principal currency upon which the other units were based, while the copper fils and silver dirhams where used at the level of local markets.

Dagger of Queen Ahhotep

Warfare / Hunting and Fishing Equipment

This dagger, which belonged to Queen Ahhotep, has a bronze blade. It was once covered with gold leaf. The grip is formed of two thin silver plates around a wooden core. The fastening is made of gold.

European Coins


A group of European coins consists of gold florins, Spanish silver Reals and silver Austrian Talers. These currencies played an important role in the monetary exchange between the Arabic orient and Europe especially after the weakness of the Mamluk and Ottoman(̉uţmān) icoins.

Falcon Amulet of Prince Hornakht


A gold amulet that depicts a squatting falcon. It dates to the reign of Prince Hornakht.

Gilded Silver Goblet


The gilded silver goblet is intact, but the gilding has worn away in various places. It is decorated with gilded figures of Cupids producing wine and Dionysos drinking the fruit of their labors.

Gold Dish of General Undjedbauendjed with Gold Drop Handle


This golden dish has a rosette decoration in the center, which is surrounded by a large disk embossed with a charming aquatic scene.

Gold Mask Mummy Cover of King Psusennes the First


In this gold mask mummy cover, Psusennes the First appears with the royal headdress surmounted by the uraeus, or royal cobra. He wears a divine plaited false beard.

Gospel Cover with Glass Jewelry Cross


This Gospel cover is made of silver and has a cross set with glass jewelry with a Coptic inscription on the cover.

Hanging Lamp with Inscriptions


This round lamp has a curved neck and bears three inscriptions in Arabic.

Metal Box of Ibn al-Malatif

Box / Chest / Casket

This rectangular brass box with silver inlay dates from the Mamluk era. It is decorated with geometric and plant motifs as well as Naskh inscriptions.



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