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Hollow Statuette of the Goddess Aphrodite-Isis
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About Hollow Statuette of the Goddess Aphrodite-Isis




A hollow bronze statuette represents a goddess, probably Aphrodite or Isis. The timid glance of the goddess agrees with the examples of the goddess Aphrodite in Syria.

She rests her right hand on her abdomen; and wears a chiton with transparent sleeves. She is depicted with a visible breast that shows her beauty. She also wears a himation that surrounds her waist and hangs down over her back and she is wearing sandals. The hair is undulating and parted in the middle of the head.

She has a crown, which refers to the goddess Isis; as it is formed of the double feathers of Amun, with the sun disc in the middle and the cobra, and at each side, what are probably two ears of wheat. At the front of the crown there is a winged eagle.

The artist marvelously created the transparent clothes that show the body. The statuette stands on a round base, which is separate from the statuette. Many parts of the statuette are missing but have now been restored with wax. The left hand of the statuette is lost. This statuette is evidence for the fusion of Egyptian elements with Greco-Roman elements.

Dimensions:  Height 69.5 cm

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