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Jar with Hound Attacking a Hare
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About Jar with Hound Attacking a Hare




This jar is a lusterware painted ceramic that has an oval body shape. It has a narrow bottom and ends without a base. The upper part ends with an opening. The shaft is divided into three sections.

Each section is decorated with a scene of a hound attacking a hare. A broad border separates each scene with floral design in the shape of split palmettos. The hound attacks the hare by clenching his forepaw and hindpaw into the hare's back. The hound grabs the hare's neck between his jaws to control it.

The artist succeeded in skillfully expressing the feeling of terror and fear of the hare, in lifting one of his forelegs and turning his head backward to attempt to get rid of that grip. The artist also carefully illustrated the anatomic details of the hound's and the hare's bodies. Although the drawing of the hare is far from reality, the painting in general is full of life, movement, and speed.

Floral branches with intense olive-green leaves surround the scene on a white background. The two other sections of the jar's shaft are drawn with the same scene with slight differences in the details.

Dimensions:  Height 30 cm  Diameter 10.5 cm

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