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Mosque Lamp of Sultan Hassan
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About Mosque Lamp of Sultan Hassan




This mosque lamp with the name of the Sultan Hassan is made of glass overlaid with enamel. It has the shape of a vase. It consists of three parts: the neck, the shaft, and the base.

The neck is a conical shape with a wide opening narrowing at the lower part to join with the shaft. The shaft has an inflated form, which narrows at its upper and lower parts to join the neck and the base. It has several grips with metal chains, joined together at their ends, by which it could be suspended.

The base has a reversed conical shape with the opening at the bottom. The neck of the lamp is decorated with floral ornaments consisting of abstracted foliage containing Naskh inscription, a Qur'anic verse from the Surat "Al Nour" (Al-Nūr), The Light, and some inscription borders with the name of Sultan Hassan.

The shaft is decorated with floral and Mamluk Naskh inscription borders with the name and titles of Sultan Hassan and the wishful prayer expressing "May his victory be glorious".

Dimensions:  Height 32 cm  Diameter 25 cm

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