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Wooden Panel with Low-Relief of a Gazelle and a Bird
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About Wooden Panel with Low-Relief of a Gazelle and a Bird




This wooden panel is surrounded by a rectangular frame with a deep incision on the outside and two incisions on the inside surrounding another frame. The external frame is decorated with a floral bas-relief of a half flower divided into three parts, the central of which is engraved.

The inner (or central) frame surrounds a rectangle that is divided into three parts. The upper part bears a bas-relief of an animal, maybe a gazelle with a large horn, with clear details of the split hooves, short tail, wide eyes, and pointed ears. It is surrounded by a frame of a floral low-relief. Under it is a squared part in the center.

The central part contains a floral bas-relief of the same kind as in the external frame.

The lower part depicts a bird with two large wings and a large eye. It is surrounded by a frame of the same kind as that surrounding the animal in the upper part.

Dimensions:  Length 45 cm  Width 16 cm

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