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Statue of Amunirdis, the Divine Wife of Amun-Re
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About Statue of Amunirdis, the Divine Wife of Amun-Re




This is the most famous statue of Amunirdis, daughter of Kashta, the Nubian king of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty. She was the divine consort of Amun-Re, a title that gave her as much power as the king himself.

She wears a three-part wig dominated by a vulture, whose head is flanked by two cobra heads. The wig has a diadem, or crown, which is surrounded by uraei and previously formed the base for a Hathoric crown.

Amunirdis is wearing a pair of earrings, a necklace with a small figure of Amun-Re followed by his wife Mut, two bracelets and two anklets. She is wearing in a long tight dress, which was common for divine consorts. This dress was inspired by the queens' dresses of the New Kingdom. In her left hand she holds a flower that gently folds across her chest. In her right hand she holds the Menat, one of the symbols of Hathor.

In front of her right leg and on the pedestal, hieroglyphic inscriptions describe her as the divine consort of the god and beloved of Amun-Re.

Dimensions:  Height 170 cm  Width 44 cm

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