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Art of the Old and Middle Kingdom






Explore the masterpieces of the Old and Middle Kingdoms. This collection of sculptures, reliefs, and statues depict the remarkable personalities who established the great Egyptian Civilization.

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Schist Palettes

Beginning in the Predynastic era, the Egyptians used schist palettes to grind up materials that were used as eye paint. The palettes have geometric, animal, and shield forms and important events were sometimes engraved upon them.

Art of the Old Kingdom

Created for religious purposes, art in the Old Kingdom adopted an idealistic style in general, but allowed more realism for private statuary. These statues, paintings, and reliefs present the best examples of the artistic depth that developed during this period.

Tomb Chapel Paintings

The tomb chapel was the place for the reunion of the family in ancient Egypt. Illustrations of daily life and scenes of entertainment were depicted on the walls of the tomb in relief or in paintings.

Royal Sculpture of the Middle Kingdom

Sculpture in the Old Kingdom and the first half of the New Kingdom was known for its traditional idealistic forms and features. The discovery of a number of statues at Tanis, however, surprised art historians by their unusual forms and facial features.

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