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Famous Egyptian Women

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Egyptian women played important roles in the history of Egypt and distinguished themselves by their wisdom and courage. Women, such as Queen Shajar al-Durr ruled Egypt, while others, like Queen Ahhotep, helped their sons achieve greatness.

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Famous Queens in Ancient Egypt

A number of famous queens played important roles in the history of Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Queens who Ruled Alone

A few queens became the sole rulers of Egypt in ancient times. This normally occurred after the death of their husbands.

Ptolemaic Queens' Influence on Their Husbands

During the Ptolemaic period, women of the ruling class like Arsinoe the Second, Ptolemy the Second's wife, were equal to their husbands and played a large role in public affairs.

Shajar Al-Durr

After the death of her first husband, Shajar Al-Durr ruled Egypt for 80 days. She was forced to remarry, but conspired against her second husband, Al-Muizz Aybak.

Notable Mothers of Sultans

Egyptian mothers during the Islamic period are portrayed as being most loving and caring, as well as being overprotective of their sons.

Sultans' Wives and Their Political Role

The wives of sultans and princes participated in government and politics and had great power and influence during the Islamic periods in Egypt.

Famous Muslim Women

Many historical writings indicate that Muslim women were involved in both religious and intellectual life.

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