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Awards and Recognition

The Eternal Egypt project has been recognized around the world for its contributions to the fields of cultural heritage management, Egyptology, web design, and technology. Below are a few of the major awards the project has received including television documentaries that have made Eternal Egypt their subject.

World Summit Awards:
"Selected as one of the best in the e-Culture category"
- World Summit Award winner in e-Culture

Rai Uno:
- SuperQuark segment

The History Channel:
"An innovative, interactive map and timeline guide Eternal Egypt visitors through Egypt's cultural heritage, while Connections presents the complex relationships between objects..."
- The Search for Eternal Egypt

Macromedia Showcase:
"The site is a multimedia experience that uses high-resolution images, three-dimensional reconstructions of Egyptian monuments and antiquities, as well as virtually-reconstructed..."
- Site of the Day

9th Annual Webby Awards:
- Webby Worthy Selection

Museums and the Web 2005:
"Very well-thought out design provides a net in which to explore Egypt. The connections map is my favorite part of the site in that it connects artifacts, places, people..."
- Best of the Web: Best Innovative or Experimental Application

Image Acquisition and Content Creation
The Content Management System
The Digital Guide at the Egyptian Museum
The Digital Guide for Mobile Access
The Eternal Egypt Web Site
The Eternal Egypt Kiosk
Awards and Recognition

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Get behind-the-scenes on Eternal Egypt with a documentary video.

For All Eternity

Learn about Eternal Egypt by tracing the path one artifact has taken from creation to digital re-creation.

Eternal Egypt Partners
The Supreme Council of Antiquities
Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage
IBM Corporation
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