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The Domes of Al Saba' Banaat
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About The Domes of Al Saba' Banaat




This monument is known as the domes of al-Saba' Banaat, although it is more appropriate for it to be called the "seven domes", because the historical sources explain that the Fatimid Caliph Al-Hakim Bi-Amr-Allah assassinated some people from the family of the Vizier Al-Hussein Ibn Ali Al-Maghrabi, after he had fled from Egypt. Then, when the Caliph wanted to be reconciled with the Vizier, he built six domes on the tombs of the assassinated persons. Apparently, besides the six tombs there was the domed tomb of another person, which brought the number of domes to seven; they were therefore called the seven domes.

Nowadays only four of the domes remain, together with the bases of two others. These domes are in an irregular line. Each dome consists of a square chamber; there is a door with a pointed arch at each side, and the halves of a mihrab to the right and left of the door on the southeast side. On top of the zone of transition, there is a curve in each of the right-angled chamber corners; by means of these curved corners the square is transformed into a circle to allow for the construction of the round dome on the square chamber. In the middle of each side of the zone of transition, there is a window.

The drum is octagonal, and also has windows openings. The zone of transition is smaller than the tomb chamber, and the drum of the dome is smaller than the zone of transition.

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